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Arts Create Subgranting

Eligibility: Local Arts Agencies and Government Local Arts Agencies

Intent: To advance the creative economy of Texas by investing in arts organizations.

This multi-year program allows professionally staffed local arts agencies to regrant funds to arts and other service organizations in their communities. Funded subgrant activities must evidence artistic merit. Subgrant applicants to TCA must have an existing panel review system to evaluate local proposals. This panel may not be the Board of Directors of the local arts agency. The agency must have a two-year history of serving the population area with grants before requesting funding support for that area from TCA. Subgrant applicants are encouraged to fund as many organizations with TCA funds as possible. All subgrant applicants are encouraged to prioritize TCA funds for organizations in rural counties. Subgrant applicants with community populations larger than 500,000 are encouraged to prioritize TCA funds for minority organizations in their community. Administrative expenses are not allowed. This program has additional reporting requirements. New organizations may only apply in odd numbered years.

Grant Type: Multi-year
Application Limit: One application per organization for this program
Minimum Request: $3,000
Maximum Request: This program has graduated requirements & maximum requests based on the population of the community:
Areas between 1 and 499,999 - $10,000
Areas between 500,000 and 999,999 - $35,000
Areas of 1,000,000 or more - $40,000
Match Requirement: dollar for dollar (1:1)
Application Deadline: March 15 of odd numbered years
Attachments Deadline: Postmarked March 15 of odd numbered years
Criteria: see Application Review Criteria
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