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Overview of Grant Programs

Getting Ready to Apply

The Commission classifies all applicants into categories that determine eligibility for specific grant programs. TCA has automated this process in the online web grant system via the TCA Type Wizard. The Wizard is a series of questions that profiles your organization and then presents a customized list of TCA programs for which your organization is eligible. The basic characteristics the Commission uses to determine the appropriate category and level determination are:

First-time Applicants:
Nonprofit organizations should email or fax a copy of their IRS letter of determination to webapp@arts.texas.gov or 512/475-2699.
Be sure to include a phone number and contact name so TCA staff can call to set up a user name and password. Know that DUNS numbers are required for all applicant organizations. Any other type of organization or individual should call our offices at 512/463-5535.

Verification of TCA Cultural District Organizations:
Established Arts Organizations, College Arts Institutions, Government Local Arts Agencies, Local Arts Agencies, and Rural Arts Providers located within a TCA Designated Cultural District must be verified by TCA staff before applying; this process must be completed no later than two weeks preceding the deadline. To be considered for verification:

  1. The organization must be included in the comprehensive list provided by the Cultural District’s Lead Organization of all organizations currently located within that TCA Designated Cultural District. Resident companies of theaters located in a TCA Designated Cultural District may be considered for inclusion.
  2. TCA staff will then determine if the organization qualifies as an arts organization. Staff will consider the organization’s mission, past and current programs, NTEE code, budget allocations, and professional staff. Organizations that are predominantly non-arts based (i.e., history museum, children’s museum, zoo, botanical garden, science museum), but do some arts programming, are not eligible. Conducting programs, even regularly, in a TCA Designated Cultural District is not sufficient for inclusion in this program.

All applicants must apply online through the TCA grant system. For research purposes only, hard copies of all TCA blank application forms are available.

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